Do Not Neglect the Roof

Residential and commercial property owners understand the importance of building maintenance for most aspects of their structures. The furnace is cleaned every year, yard clean-up is done, and landscaping maintained. The exterior painting or siding is repaired or re-painted as needed. Decks and patios are pressure washed, the pool is covered in the winter, and lawn furniture stored away until the snow clears. The one aspect of the property that is often neglected is the roof.


No one purposely ignores the maintenance needs of the roof, but it is rarely remembered until something goes drastically wrong. It is like an elevator that no one thinks about until it suddenly stops between floors, leaving people stranded. The yard and exterior condition of the building are hard to miss. The eye does not always reach the roof, so it goes unnoticed for long periods of time. The roof should be inspected annually by an experienced roof repair company. The condition of the roof will be assessed, and any minor repairs can be completed before they become major repairs.

Finding the Right Company

Ideally, home and business owners will want to find an experienced roofer before any repairs are needed. By the time most roof repair needs are noticed, the damage can already be extensive and there is no time to lose. The fastest way to discover local roofing contractors is to do an internet search with keywords such as roof repair near me. Results will all be close to, if not in, the same zip code. Get some free estimates from companies such as arvada roofing, and get the roof inspected now.

Typical Routine Roof Maintenance

In addition to annual inspections, routine maintenance depending on the climate of the location. Whether winter storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes are common, an inspection should be conducted after major weather events. Just because no shingles are on the ground or all the gutters appear to be intact, it is not safe to assume all is well.

Leaks, blockages inside downspouts, or large pieces of debris will interfere with moisture coming off the roof and can cause damage to the roof, siding, gutter system, and insulation. It is wise for owners to do a visual inspection of the roof and gutters by slowly walking around the building at least once per month. If something looks different, call the company to come out and take a look. Do not waste money by paying high repair costs when the roof is neglected.